Posted by: Andrew | December 26, 2008

Oasis Of The Seas – First Beach Pool At Sea

For those of you that love the pool experience while at sea, Royal Caribbean has the ULTIMATE in store for you on their new Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship.

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas will have its very own beach pool that recreates the vibe of a shoreside resort, very similar to the likes of what you could find at resorts like Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

oasis of the seas beach pool

oasis of the seas beach pool

Be sure to check out the Oasis Of the Seas Criuse offer on the Westside International Travel group pages to book one of the first sailings on this incredible ship!

This new outdoor area will include colorful beach chairs and a pool with a sloped entry where cruisers will be able to wade into rolling water (as seen in the illustration above).

The beach pool will be part of what Royal Caribbean is calling the Pool and Sports Zone with more than half a dozen whirlpools, private cabanas and two state-of-the-art FlowRider surfing simulators.

The Pool and Sports Zone is just one of two distinct neighborhoods that Royal Caribbean is announcing tonight for the 220,000-ton vessel — the largest cruise ship ever built.  Check out last week’s post to see an informational post & video about the Oasis of the seas. The other neighborhood, dubbed the Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center, will offer a wide range of pampering spa treatments and fitness activities (see the illustration of the area’s entrance at right).

Royal Caribbean already has also announced a few other neighborhoods for the Oasis of the Seas, which will likely be debuting in December of 2009. The otherneighborhoods are the Central Park which is an open-air atrium with live trees and outdoor restaurants. Another is the Boardwalk neighborhood, a family-friendly amusement area with a merry-go-round and outdoor water theater. And another is the Royal Promenade which is an indoor mall-like zone with bars, eateries and shops. Royal Caribbean says the ship will have seven neighborhoods in all.

More About the beach pool…

The Oasis of the Seas Beach Pool will be atop the ship on one side of Central Park (people on the pool deck will be able to look down into the massive park-like area). Another pool area, called the Oasis of the Seas Main Pool will be on the other side of Central Park. The Pool and Sports Zone also will have a Sports Pool and one of Royal Caribbean’s signature H2O Zone pool play areas. Check out the pool image below which is a predicted aerial shot of some of these exclusive pool areas.

oasis pool sports zone

oasis pool sports zone

The Oasis of the Seas spa will offer new spa treatments not before found on Royal Caribbean ships and other new-for-Royal Carribbean options such as Kinesis group classes. The spa area also will have a Thermal Suite at sea with heated tile loungers, saunas and steam rooms; three couples massage suites and seven individual treatment rooms – the largest collection at sea. Kids and teen passengers will also be able to find their own dedicated spa on the ship, an exclusive feature of the Oasis of the Seas.

Royal also says the Oasis of the Seas will have an adults only Solarium that will have another pool and six whirlpools.


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